I am sorry I have not been updating my blog for a while, but as I said before I am busy catching the blessings, I am not saying that metaphorically. Let me explain I got a rotation with OB/GYN and so we are delivering babies. Babies= Blessings ๐Ÿ˜€

I am having lots of fun. Surgery and OB/GYN are my two dream jobs, and so I am living my dream.

During my intern years, I stole OB duties from my friends so, I can deliver babies.Today after delivering the first baby in USA, I told the doctor “reminder of good old days.” The joy of delivering a baby is indescribable in words. The smell of the placenta and blood makes me so happy. I know it is disgusting, it was for me too at one point but it is reminder of best time of my life, the one year compulsory internship in India. Not being able to be a doctor/practice medicine in USA for the last 4 years makes me appreciate it more. I guess that is why they say, “you never know the value of something until you lose it.” When I was in India, I took my rotations for granted but now I appreciate the value of these rotations so much more as it is so difficult to get one for International medical graduate (IMG)

When I was a kid my mom delivered babies in her nursing home. As there were not a lot of liability/law suits in India the nurse used to allow me to play with the new born baby for a while, maybe that is the reason I developed my love for OB. I did not have siblings then so, I thought all the babies born in my mom’s nursing home are my siblings/dolls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for reading my blog, and hopefully I will be able to find some time to make a full blog post soon.



When blessings come in bundles… Part-2

The week before I leave to auntie S, my brother got very busy at work. Letโ€™s say androids take on Siri was acting up. My brother likes android, and I like apple. Therefore, weeks ago when the new I phone 5S/C were released, he was making fun of apple. Now that Siriโ€™s contemporary is acting up, I got a chance to avenge apple. The only problem was my brother has to work extra hard to fix it, and our road-trip plan to auntie S was hanging in the air. He thought we could probably make it by Sunday if not Saturday. Read the full post »

When blessings come in bundles…Part-1

I have been posting very infrequently recently. I am sorry because I should have given heads up. ๐Ÿ˜ณ However, a lot of unforeseen things came up. If you were wondering what happened to me, let me first tell you I am fine and โ€œDโ€ is doing fine too. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Dusshara (an Indian festival). It is just that a lot of things happened so quickly that I could not keep up with writing. Plans were changing by minute, and so I did not know which one to write about. Now that I know what I am doing I can tell you what happened. I still have a lot going on but decided that I will make smaller posts and keep you entertained. ๐Ÿ˜† Read the full post »

Being mindful…

One of my uncles (a family friend) recently gave me an article from the Mayo clinic’s health letter. The article is titled “Mindfulness”(read it here), and it is the exact opposite of mindlessness. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is a very interesting and very useful article. I have been reminding myself about the technique described in this article when I am feeling really low or hopeless. It helps very much though I need a lot more practice. Read the full post »

Media’s new golden Goose

Miley, Miley, Miley!!! I mean Miley Cyrus. Media has been obsessing about everything she does for a while. She is the mediaโ€™s new golden goose. Everything she wears/does creates a controversy to the extent even our oldie goldie Rush Limbaugh (conservative radio talk show host) has something to say about it. Just so you know I love Rush; “D” got me addicted to him. In a way maybe it is good because Miley gave us a breather from obsessing about what heels Kim Kardashian is wearing? Read the full post »

Small things matter: Encouragement

When we were kids, our parents encourage us to achieve our goals. As we grow up and move away from our parents, we need someone to tell us that we still have it in us. That role is usually taken up by our better half. There is a slight difference between parents and better half. Parents could criticize and punish us if we did not do our job well. That is not the case with our (potential) spouse. We are equal partners and we are on the same team so, we need to understand that punishing or criticizing would be a disaster to our relationship. Subtle criticism wrapped in lovable words can work its magic, but we need to be very careful not to sound like we are disappointed with them. That is a very faint line and never cross it. Read the full post »

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