The Beginning- Part 2

Now a little bit about my boyfriend. I cannot share a very a detailed background, but I will paint the picture for you. My boyfriend “D” was born in a small town in mid-western US of A into a Christian family, and yes, he is Caucasian. He is the youngest of 4 kids, (2 sisters and 1 brother,) and his parents were teachers. He grew up on a farm and had a very old school upbringing except he loves his video games and big screen TV’s.  As a kid he was a well behaved child, shy and awkward. (I think this is a blessing in disguise. Will explain in one of the next posts). He is the baby of the family, (even to this day,) but he is not a brat. lol. He was a child that every parent would die to have: obedient, never got into trouble, responsible, and was always on the honor roll. It was a very loving family, and it is till this day. Sadly, they lost their mom to cancer even before “D” graduated from high school. I think this had a very grave effect on “D” even to this day. Long story short, I believe that is why he wound up working in a factory despite him being so smart.

After graduating from high school he went to university 3 hrs from home but stayed there only for a semester.  I think this is because he did not have his mom’s support but he says because he did not have any control over his rewards. He came back home and went to a community college. His dad was so mad because he paid for the university. “D” decided to start working and go to community college part time. So “D” finally ended up with an associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering instead of Bachelors.  “D” had a very sheltered upbringing, so when he finished associates degree he didn’t know that new interns will be given on site job training. He only knew how to work with very small circuits in class, so, he  decided that he didn’t know enough to work on real circuit boards on a real job. He decided he was not fit to work in the field of electrical engineering, so he looked for other jobs. He applied for a job with nice pay and benefits that was labelled “production work”.  Little did he realize production work was actually factory work, which he wanted to avoid. He was hired and given the tour. That’s when he realized he had applied for a factory job. He thought he might as well stay while he looked for another job, but he never figured out what and got in a comfortable rut. What he thought would be a job for just a few months wound up being his job for many years. He probably would have stayed with factories forever if I did not come into his life. “D” was working in the factory for the past 15 years till I come all the way from India and gave him a lecture of how he is wasting his potential. That, along with my family’s value for education, finally motivated him to go back to school to finish his bachelor’s in engineering.

So that’s who we are in a nut shell.


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