Our story: Chaperoned first date & D scored the next one

It was second Saturday of January 2011, the day I was supposed to go and visit D’s step mom-P as suggested by D’s dad. I was not really looking forward for meeting D. As I said in one of my previous blogs, at this time I was still a wreck and recovering from the back stabbing from my X. I was still waiting for the jerk to return from India. I had to drag myself out of the bed and get ready to go, only out of respect to D’s dad. (I don’t know if I said this before, but D’s dad is almost old enough to be my grandpa). So, the Indian principle of “respect elders” is the reason I obliged him. P wanted me to be at her place at least 1 hour before “D” shows up so we could have P and R time, (we loved spending time with each other and playing dominoes). Even from the beginning, P loved me very much.  I told her I was worried what will happen to our relationship if the thing with D does not work out.  At that time, my relationship with P and D’s dad was more important to me than D. She told me that I was like her kid, and if I don’t want to go out with D, I don’t have to. She said she will be there for me no matter what. That was really reassuring to me.  She always told people I am her adopted daughter.  I think that is the reason she was not super excited when I was going on a date with D. (Mother’s are not really excited about their daughter dating. Lol). By the time I fell in love with D, I was sure that this is a family I want to be a part of. They always loved me unconditionally, just like my family would. I am really blessed to be a part of D’s family. It’s not an exaggeration to say that in last 2.5 years I never had a single bad experience with them. (More on how we do it in a later post).

I was at P’s house, and we were playing dominoes and waiting on D. D was late, as usual. (Remember, he follows Indian Standard time. Lol.) P and I were taking advantage of the extra time we had and having fun all by ourselves. After a while, D shows up looking completely different from what I remembered. He went to the mall for a haircut with his niece, (the same one from the Christmas debacle). D is fashion impaired, so he needed his niece to help him with the haircut choices. Poor D, trying hard to impress. I was actually impressed. He looked a lot better than on Christmas day.

We continued playing dominoes and talking. We were just talking random stuff, and D was really trying hard to make a conversation. D asked me if I was interested in sledding. I said “no” because I knew if I said yes that meant another date. I am an Indian girl, and the only reason I was there was D’s dad. Then all of a sudden D hit the jackpot when he asked me, “would you like to make a snow man?”  I jumped at it forgetting that I am supposed to say no and said “YES” sure, when. Making a snow man and playing in the snow was my dream since I was a kid, (no snow in India 😦 ). I was in states for two years before I met D, but never had company to make a snow man. I was super excited when D asked me. D said that we could go to the family farm next weekend to make a snow man and sled.  Yes, D finally scored his next date all by himself. D always gets what he wants using his super powers: charm and patience. It was dinner time, and P made Pizza (it’s D’s family’s fave food,) for us. We had the pizza and went home for the night.

I was super excited for the snow man thingy coming up and also going to the farm. D said they have horses, sheep and alpacas. I never saw a horse closely and I did not even know what an alpaca was. Growing up, we had a farm in India, but we had hired help. My parents never allowed us to do much on the farm. Our house was in the city, and our farm was in the country, so I was never a typical farm girl. I thought it was a really cool opportunity to get to see a farm in America. (Not everyone from India gets a chance to do that).

What happens next?  How did D sweep me off my feet? All coming up next.

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PS : I still wonder to this date how D knew to ask me about making a snow man. Actually he loves playing in snow too, one thing we have in common. lol.

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