Our Story: How D swept me off my feet.

The day I was super excited about is finally here. I get to go to the farm and make a snowman. The place we live can have really unpredictable weather. It was nice and sunny all week, but by Friday evening it started snowing heavily. The temperature fell steeply. At around 11 on Saturday D calls me, I knew something was not right. He said that it was not a good weather to be playing in the snow, and the temperature at the farm is lower than in the city where we lived. He also said at that temperature the snow is not the right consistency to build a snowman. I was disappointed. I think he understood that and said we will wait till 2 pm and see what happens. At 2 pm he called me back to inform that the conditions did not improve. I was thinking in the back of my head that this American does not like me, and so he was trying to get out of this. (My Indian Inferiority complex took over me). He then said we can go to the movies and dinner; and do the snow thingy next weekend. I was like okay. (Did not want to make a big deal again and say no. At that time I also did not know that movies +dinner =date). He said that there is a dollar movie theater in a nearby town, and it was playing “Megamind”. (Yep Dollar movie for the first date- D is a real penny pincher). I did not know what the movie was about, but at that point did not really care.  I was thinking I will fulfill this obligation and go next week to play in  the snow. After that I will be done. After I hung up, I saw the trailer for megamind. Oops, it’s a cartoon. Don’t hate me for saying this but I always thought cartoons were for kids. (I have changed my view on that a little bit now). After all, I love a man who takes his date to watch cartoons on the first date. But, on that day my thoughts were this guy is crazy, why would he take me to watch cartoons? Till now not much was working in D’s favor. All that changes soon.

D came to pick me up. I opened the door and he is in this winter coat 3 sizes too big on him. It was an instant turn off for me. At the cost of sounding superficial, I love fashion and D is fashion impaired. D is very simple. I lock the house and as soon as we are in the parking lot I see this old, tiny, little sports car. I was like what did I get myself into. (Indian’s like shiny new cars, that’s the reason we come to states; To make money , live in beautiful houses, and have shiny cars). It all changes in few seconds when D runs to the car and opens the door for me. I was like shocked. Did he just open the door for me? Did not see that coming. We got into the car and he does not have a GPS. He wrote the directions on a piece of paper.  Till then I did not know people in America drove using maps without a GPS. I offered to go back and get my GPS, but he said we will be okay. I told myself that I have maps on my phone in case of emergency. I mean I am going on a road trip to a different city without my GPS that’s unthinkable for me. I am direction impaired and a member of GPS generation. Lol.

When I got into the car that day, I was expecting it to be a boring drive. D was shy, and I lack the skills to start a conversation. I was totally wrong. D started the conversation, and we talked non-stop for the next 1.5 hours till we reached the destination. (Now I know D is a good conversation starter). I remember thinking it’s not as bad as I thought. Actually I was having fun talking with D. We finally got to the theater, and D asked if I wanted popcorn. I was shy and said “no, I am good”. (Indian thing again. You can take the girl out of India but not India out of the girl. Lol.) I actually expected him to share his popcorn with me later even though I said no before. I mean that’s the culture I am used to, people forcing you to eat even when you don’t want to. I totally forgot I was dealing with an American.

We were watching the movie and D was eating all the popcorn 😦 . He was hysterically laughing at all these 80’s references. I was sitting there not understanding half the jokes and quite frankly was not at all interested in the movie. On top of this, I was feeling embarrassed because D has really weird laugh. I never saw anyone laugh like that before. Anyway, the movie was finally over, and we got back into the car. By this time I was ready to go home did not want to be with this crazy laughing guy anymore.

D -Where do you want to go for dinner?

R- We can go home. Do you have any food at home?

D- No, I need to make something.

R- I have some Indian food at my place, but not sure you will like it or not.

D- Don’t you eat out?

R- Yes I do. But thought its getting late.

D- That’s okay. Do you have a preference?

R- No. Taco bell works for me.

D-Are you sure you want to go there?

R- Yeah why not?

D- We can find some other restaurant if we keep driving.

R- No. Taco bell would work for me.  On top of that, I don’t know if I can get any tasty vegetarian food in a nice restaurant. (I was a vegetarian for some months at that time)

D- Okay, if that’s what you want.

Then in the restaurant we were again talking non-stop. It was like we had this urge to tell each other everything.

D- Did you know hot sauce can clean a penny?

R- No. What? Are you serious? I don’t believe you. You are just making it up to impress me.

D- I am serious. I can demonstrate.

R- Okay show me.

He gets taco bell hot sauce and tries to demonstrate, but it does not work

D-Seriously it should work. I think taco bell sauce is not hot enough.

R- I said you were just making it up.  You are a mean liar, (“mean” because he has a little British in him, referring to all the India-Britain History. Since then I always call him that. Lol.)

All the way back home, we were talking non-stop again. We reached home, and I invited him inside, (I did not want to be rude). He came in, and we talked for another three hours till one in the night. We finally decided to call it a night because it was getting late and not because we ran out of stuff to talk about. I think if we could we would have talked the whole night. It was like we got a talking bug or something. He left and I could not believe what an amazing time I had. The most important thing that impressed me was he did not try to make a move on me. He respected me and my culture even more than the Indian men I knew. I decided to reconsider being in a relationship with him. Baby butterflies where flying in my tummy. Lol. That was the magical day that changed everything for me. I was super excited and could not wait to see him the next time. At the same time I wanted to be careful and not break my heart again. Never letting any guy break me again.

Snowman date coming up next.

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  1. Raina

     /  July 31, 2013

    lol. Thank you.

  2. What a sweet story…made for each other! Funny to hear the differences in dating (culturally)


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