Why the Blessings corner?

I am an easy person to please. Small things in life mean a lot to me. My mother had to always tell me to keep my eyes on the big picture. She thinks anyone can manipulate me, as I would fall for the small things. My mom always tells me the story of Arjuna, the greater archer, in the Mahabharata. During target practice his teacher asked him what he sees. His answer was “the eye of the bird”. His fellow students gave the teacher a list of things they saw. But I think sometimes, to get to the big prize, we need a couple of energy boosts to keep us moving in the right direction. I think both my mom and I are partly right. It would be perfect if I and my mom could meet half way through. By that I mean the big picture is Important, but small things give us the strength to get us there.

I am going through a tough time and feel depressed a lot. I feel like I need positivity to keep me moving in the right direction. I decided to create a positivity corner on my blog called “Blessing”. This way I can share not only the struggles but also the love I experience every single day. The love I get from my family and friends makes me who I am. My mother might be the source of my stress, but at the same time she gives me strength to fight. At times it’s easy to forget. I want to remind myself this every time I am stressed and so the “Blessing”. I also hope that this can bring some positivity into my reader’s life too.

D’s step mom had a cup half filled with buttons on the buffet table. There were some extra buttons and a framed story beside the cup. Every day she put buttons in the cup when she felt blessed for something or someone. At the end of the week she counted her blessings. She was really sick when someone from her bible study gave this to her. This made her really happy.

I will mainly write two kinds of post under the “Blessings”.

  • The first one would be small things- This will be about the small things I and D do for each other to keep us going.
  • Thankful for- Once a week I will write a post with a list of stuff I am thankful for that week.

So, let’s begin counting our Blessings and not forget small things in the pursuit of big dreams.

Click here for more blessings posts.


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  1. That is a great idea, I think it will make you feel a lot better, and focus on the positive. I also know that through writing my blog it has helped me a lot, give clarity and being grateful, so keep writing too! I really enjoy your story.


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