Small things matter: Inspiration

Among all the things that “D” does for me, there is one that stands out the most. This is also the inspiration behind the “Small things” series.  Therefore I decided that the first post in this series should be about that.

By now you might be wondering what this is that “D” does for me. It is something that every girl wants, that is flowers. “D” gets me lots of flowers and not on special occasions. He gets them when I am overly stressed or depressed, when I have a fight with my mom, when I am scared about my test, when I am home sick and lonely. He thinks when I am 😦 flowers can make me :). Don’t get me wrong I love flowers and I really love that he does that to see a smile on my face. If only my life were that simple.  “D” is a simple man with a simple life. (I tease him that his life is boring, and he needs me to add some color in there.) Several times when I am sad “D” does not know what to do or how to help me.  So, he has two solutions: sit beside me, lend me a shoulder and cry with me; or bring me flowers. I really appreciate his attempts to make me feel better. It calms me down even though it does not give me a solution. Also I am so lucky to have a man who gets me lots of flowers. Oh! Did I mention it he takes care of them too most of the time. By that I mean putting in a vase, water levels, lighting etc. He just gets to them before me lol.  Also did I mention he gets the flowers from a grocery store and not a florist, (remember D is really thrifty). Most of the time the flowers he get are less than $10. That’s being generous, but who cares about the price tag. All that matters to me is the gesture.

I have dried all the flowers he ever gave me and saved them. I wanted to save them forever in a nice decorative box. I asked for nice decorative box, but they were way too expensive and too small to hold my flower collection. So, we don’t have one yet. I am thinking maybe I will ask “D” to DIY it someday.

So, I say small things matters.

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  1. this reminded me of a korean movie i love- ‘Daisy’… the girl would get the same flowers every day from a mysterious man, who admired her but couldnt reveal himself… 🙂

  2. Raina

     /  August 2, 2013

    Indian men are kind of shy in expressing their love. So, they kind of lag behind understanding the importance of flowers. I have also heard some Indian men argue that flowers are just a “show off”. They also say that their love is true and they do not have to prove it.
    Lucky me. I get to have a man who loves me truly and also expresses it. lol.

  3. That is so true. Flowers OR support are the only things a girl needs. It is really simple. Every guy needs to read this, some are so confused about these things. My own husband finally got it right for our 7th year anniversary, he finally brought me flowers. And since I loved it so much, he’s been doing it as a romantic gesture since then and it has been wonderful.


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