“Let the 21st century be a century of tolerance and dialogue”

The name of this post is a quote by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Tolerance and dialogue are something I am really passionate about and want to work for one day. Therefore, this quote is not only very close to my heart but also my vision for the future.

At times, I feel very ignorant when I have no clue about some of the events that happened in Indian or world history. When I come across such an event, good or bad, I try to research it so I would not be so ignorant.

I came across this video sometime ago on youtube and now it is on my inspiration play list. It was made by TIPA- Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. I am so thankful they had subtitles, even if they did not I would still listen because the music is so soothing. When ever I listen to the song, it reminds me why it is so important for me to work hard. The first time I listened to the song I was surprised. I had no clue about the condition of Tibet. All I knew is Tibet is one of India’s neighbors. The question was why are they so thankful to us? If we read the subtitles, they also say something like we provided asylum for more than fifty years now. All this really surprised me because I had no idea, and I started to research it.

I quickly found out that Tibet was seized by another country in the 1950’s. I am not going to mention the countries name as I do not want to risk portraying any country in bad light. The 14th Dalai Lama fled Tibet and was given asylum in India. Since 1959 to date, Tibetan government in exile was run by 14th Dalai Lama from Dharamshala in India. India also became home for thousands of Tibetans who followed the Dalai Lama. Though I was feeling stupid at my lack of knowledge I was so proud of my country. The 1950’s were tough for India because we just got our freedom. We were not in a great place ourselves, but we still decided to help the ones in need. Like I say, love is reciprocated with love. We were able to win the hearts of so many Tibetans. At the end of the day, I think real success is measured by the number of hearts won and not the number of wars won. This is really important because if we look around the world it is very common that neighboring countries are always involved in some kind of dispute. It is not common to have a friendly neighbor, especially one whose citizens make a song to show you gratitude. If you ask me “is there any practical benefit?” Maybe not, but not everything is about practicality. Maybe I am wrong and there are other countries that show their gratitude to their neighbors that I do not know about.  That is because we concentrate so much on the bad that we forget about good.

I felt so honored when I came across the views of the 14th Dalai Lama on India. He said “I am the messenger of India’s ancient thoughts the world over”. As Buddhism was first started in India and moved to the rest of the world, including Tibet, he says “India is the master, and Tibet is the student”. After reading this, I have no words to describe how I feel except be humbled and say “thank you”. India is honored.

I won’t deny the fact that India was sometimes unfair and hostile to some. Some of our own people have been persecuted within India’s borders because of political reasons. However, India is also a place that gave  shelter to not only another country’s refugees but their leader and their government for more than fifty years.

To the people of Tibet- We are very much honored to have you with us and flattered with your song. We hope our friendship lasts forever, and we can continue to work for both our country’s welfare.

Comment down below to let me know about any other countries that share a friendship like this.

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  1. Mother India has treated Tibetans so well, they have been persecuted by the Chinese and forced to leave their homeland and India has been so good to them as well as the Dalai Lama. I was raised by a Tibetan nanny who treated me as her own child and fed me so much Indian & Tibetan food as well as taking me to Buddhist temple…maybe that’s why being married to an Indian feels so natural to me 🙂 and eating Indian food every day is normal! Tibetans are truly the most gentle, loving people…

    • Raina

       /  August 11, 2013

      That is nice. I have never been exposed to Buddhist culture. North East India is where Buddhism is most prominent.


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