Proved beyond a doubt

I once told “D” to consider a hypothetical situation where a group of women get together for some tea and snacks. Each of them is talking/complaining about their other half. I would not find even single issue that I could complain about. Yes, “D” is perfect. He is every woman’s dream man, and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I always tell him he is the best in the whole world. Sorry ladies, you missed your turn.  I have dibs on him. 😉

I can even prove this to you now. First, let me tell you a story. This last weekend, I did mehendi on D’s sister’s friend. We met this friend at McD’s last year. Incidentally, that day I had mehendi, (my friend did it,) on my hand. She saw the mehendi and got super excited. She told me that her daughter lives in Dubai. The last time she visited her daughter, she got mehendi done at a parlor. She said she liked it so much. Then, she asked me if I could do it for her. I was in the middle of my preparation for my medical exams and said I will be able to do after the test. (I was hoping she would forget about it.) Since then, she was periodically asking D’s sister whenever she saw her. I finally decided I should get it over with, so I invited her to our house the last weekend.

D’s sister accompanied her. I did the mehendi, and it took over an hour. After it was done, they went out for a puff. Then, “D” came into the room and asked if I wanted him to do mehendi on me. I was surprised. Awww,  how sweet. I asked him if he was sure he can do. He said he can do hearts and maybe hearts inside hearts. I told him to show me what he can do on a  paper towel before I give him my hand.

He struggled a bit in the beginning but was soon able to do hearts on the paper towel. I gave him my hand and he filled up my palm. It was a pretty good design for his first time, and he made it all by himself. Yeah, I know he is the best.

D's design with a smiley in the center of the two hearts

D’s design with a smiley in the center of the two hearts

In India girls or women wear mehendi on several occasions. The color that mehendi leaves behind has a significance. The color is directly proportion to various characters/qualities of your husband/future husband. Darker color = better health, better looks, better person overall, (a husband who takes good care of you).

According to this standard, because my mehendi color is dark, “D” is better everything.  “D” also voluntarily did my mehendi, so “D” earns those extra brownie points, and now he becomes the best. 😉

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it is proved beyond a doubt, by the standardized mehendi test which has 100%sensitivity and specificity, that my “D” is the best! This is the same test that has decided the fates for centuries. 🙂

I kind of like that dramatic effect in the end.


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  1. So sweet!!!!!


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