Story time: Cats and Squirrel

Today I decided to tell you a story. This is a popular bedtime story in the cat world. Every cat kid falls asleep only after their cat mom tells them this story. The story is called “Cats and Squirrel” and so the title.

Once upon a time not so long ago in a not so distant land called Outdoors, lived three cats. No one knew where they came from, where they lived and where they slept? The cats did not have their mom with them and had to find their own food. One day, they decided that they want to name each other, so they can be like all other cats. They choose the names Johnny, Mary, and Jack. They were happy with their brand-new  names and were living happily. One morning Johnny was chasing a squirrel. The squirrel climbed the tree, and Johnny was jumping to reach the squirrel. This caught the eye of Princess “R.” She thought it was so cute that the cat and squirrel were playing. After a little while Johnny and squirrel ran off. The following day Princess “R” had nothing to do and was peeking out through the window looking at the same tree. She saw Johnny, and the squirrel run to the tree and play like they did the previous day. After 2-3 minutes, Princess “R” realized that Johnny is not playing hide and seek with the squirrel but was trying to eat it. That is when her heart dropped, and she shouted for help. Her knight in shining armor “Sir D” came running inquiring what was wrong? Princess “R,” told him that the cat was killing the squirrel. She ordered him to put on his armor fast and go save  the squirrel. As she cannot because she was afraid of cats. :p

“Sir D” did exactly what the Princess “R” asked him to do. He put on his armor (his shoes) and took his spear (big wooden log) and rode his horse (ran out) to confront the cat and save the squirrel. By this time, Johnny caught the squirrel and was getting ready to share with Mary and Jack. “Sir D” finally found Johnny and when confronted Johnny had to leave the squirrel behind and run away. “Sir D” was victorious; squirrel was saved; Johnny got his lesson, and Princess “R” was happy. In a few minutes, Princess “R” realized what a mistake she did. She realized that she was responsible for Johnny missing out on his meal that he worked so hard for. As soon as “Sir D” came to see her, she asked him if he knows Johnny has a mommy to feed him. “Sir D” did not know. Princess “R” started to worry more. “Sir D,” said I did not want to argue with you my princess, so I did what you asked me for. Princess ” R,” said, “it is not your fault. I was shocked to see the cat kill the squirrel. I did not think about anything else other than stopping the crime. I am stupid. That cat will go without food because of me. Why do I always do the wrong thing?” Seeing this “Sir D” said, “Princess R you can take some food from the royal kitchen and place it around the tree. The cat will probably smell the food and come and eat it.” Princess “R” jumped on the idea and ran into the kitchen to get some food. She got a big fillet of fish because cats love fish and cut the fish into pieces to increase the probability that Johnny gets a piece, in case there are other cats. Then she goes out and places the fish pieces all around the tree.  Princess “R” was staring through the window waiting for the Johnny to come. Johnny saw Princess R placing the fish near the tree from far off but was not coming close to the tree because he was scared. Princess “R” was disappointed and blamed herself again before she went on with her day.

At dusk, Princess “R” went back to the window to close the drapes and for surprise saw Johnny, Mary and Jack near, the tree.

Johnny, Mary and Jack around the tree, searching for pieces of fish.

Johnny, Mary and Jack around the tree, searching for pieces of fish.

One of them ran away with a piece so, it does not have to share with the others.  Cat psychology :).

One of them ran away with a piece so, it does not have to share with the others. Cat psychology :).

They were eating and searching for more pieces. Princess “R” was so happy and jumped up and down. She drew a portrait (took a picture) of the cats, so she can treasure it for eternity. She sent a messenger (text message) to “Sir D” to inform him what happened. Johnny, Jack and Mary got a nice meal; Princess “R” found redemption from her guilt; “Sir D” was happy as always that his princess is saved, and they all happily lived ever after.


Okay by now if you did not realize, I will spell out the obvious. This is a true story. Princess “R” is me; “Sir D” is the always enchanting “D”,and Johnny, Jack, and Mary are the three outdoor cats in our neighborhood. We think they are strays. The day this happened, I said to “D” I want to blog about it. I know I am thinking like a true blogger. “D” thought it did not have any substance to blog about. To me, it was overflowing with substance. I was amazed with the sudden reflex I had when I realized that the cat is going to eat the squirrels. At that time, all I was thinking was the poor squirrel was helpless we need to save it. We cannot let this crime happen. (Believe me my brain thought that exact word “crime”). I was happy for a few minutes, but then I realized that the cat is going to starve because of me. I was so annoyed at myself for what I just did. I had no idea why I would do something like that. There are no words to describe how I felt that day until I saw the cats eat the fish in the evening. I presented this in a story form because I thought it would help in simplifying what I was trying to say instead of going on a philosophical rant.

That day there were many questions on my mind. I do not have answers to most of those questions, but I feel like that experience has moved me one step closer to accepting the world around me. I have recently come to a new level of understanding of what is the purpose of life. I think life is a journey to find acceptance within oneself and everything external to self. I think when we reach that high level of acceptance, we reach salvation. By acceptance, I mean being able to be okay with everything and everyone without judgment. When we are capable to stand in other person’s shoes and see their point of view, we will have less resentment towards them. It does not make our life easy but just provides us with more options to resolve a conflict. In addition, we can talk in a language they understand.

That day I learned a valuable lesson. It is all right for the cat to eat the squirrel because it needs to live. It is all right for the squirrel to run to save its life. It is just nature’s way.

This is what Bhagvat Gita says:

“karmany evadhikaras te
ma phalesu kadachana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhur
ma te sango ’stv akarmani”

“Which means you have a right to perform your prescribed duty but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities and never be associated to not doing your duty.”

I do not have to judge the cat or the squirrel based on their actions. I think this principle can be applied universally. Do not judge because what is right and what is wrong is too complicated for human understanding. It does not mean to do not punish a criminal. Just do not judge.

After all Jesus said, “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God what are Gods.”

In other words, follow the law of the land because that helps sustain and grow the community but never judge a person.

Comment down below and let me know what you think.

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P.S. Hope you don’t think I am narcissistic, I was just trying to give the story a medieval feel.

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  1. A beautiful retelling of your experience! I love the way you narrated it 😀
    Sometimes simple things in life make you introspect and you go all philosophical no??
    Loved how you connected it with Bhagvad Gita and Jesus’ saying!

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