Small things matter: Co-operation

Thank God its D’s turn to do something for me. πŸ˜‰ One of the important qualities that a couple must have is co-operation. We should understand that we both are equally responsible to keep this life train moving without a breakdown. One of the big problem women have with men (husbands, brothers, sons) is not doing their chores. They either postpone them or just don not care. Guys turn a deaf ear when asked for help with some of the chores around the house. I experienced this with my X and sometimes with my brother. They have their priorities like watching TV, playing games, sleeping or acting like couch potatoes. This kind of behavior really annoys me, and I am assuming a lot of women feel the same way.

“D” is different. He is always co-operative. If I call him, I get an immediate reply. It does not matter what he is doing, he gets attentive. If I say, “D I need you here.” He is with me in seconds without excuses like be there in 5-10 minutes. It is actually funny because I just checked this when I was writing the earlier lines, and he acted exactly, in the same way as I described above. He came, and I asked him to read the aforementioned lines. He laughed and said, “are you checking because you are not sure?” I replied I am checking because it is funny. Then he said, “do not abuse the buzzer button. It will stop working.” πŸ™‚ I know “D”like a computer. He is programmed to act the same way every single time. I do not have to worry about surprise reactions, unless I mess up with command keys. πŸ˜‰

I truly appreciate this quality of “D” because I know how hard it is to have a partner who is lazy and does not care. I think my past bad experiences help me to appreciate the good qualities of D. This in turn benefits our relationship because I feel heard/cared and “D” feels appreciated.

“D” and his siblings like to get together for holidays at their parent’s house. D’s step-mom was not doing well last year and did not want to have the get together at her place. Everyone was disappointed so, I told D’s step-mom that I would take the responsibility of cleaning after the party. I knew she would not say no to my request. Everyone was happy and so it was worth the trouble. I told “D” before hand that I would be needing him to help me with clean-up. I knew he would not leave my side if I told him in advance, and that is what he did exactly. Most of the family either left or were chatting. D’s step mom supervised us, and we worked as a team and made the house look as it was before the party. I was so happy that “D” readily agreed to help me without saying a word.

“D” learns most of his how to deal with women techniques from TV? I initially thought it was crazy but then realized that it is not. He watches the shows like “Rules of Engagement” and tries behave like the opposite of the Jeff guy. Jeff thinks he is smarter than his wife, but in the end gets caught. “D” learns what not do from the TV.

All I have to do is tell him in simple words, and he will give me what I want. He might forget sometimes but if I remind him, he gets it done. Read my mind attitude does not work with “D.” I think that make sense because I cannot read other persons mind so it is not fair that I expect “D” to read my mind.


Ladies- Do not settle for anything less. We all deserve a man who is there for us all the time. We need a man who is prepared to work as hard as us. Never fall for a couch potato. After I met “D” I realized that sayings like “Men are just men,” “All men are same” are not true. There are really great men. Be patient and you will find your diamond.

Guys- As I said before there are some really good men. If you are one of those who wants to impress your girlfriend/ wife try what I just said. It will work magic for you. Quit being lazy and start paying attention. I am sure your hard work won’t go unnoticed. After all every woman wants her man to be attentive to her.

Comment down below what do you do to make your sweetie feel special?

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