Death for all four convicts in Delhi gang-rape case

I just found this post while I was browsing Indivine at IndiBlogger. I think the author put it together well and there is not much I would want to add to what she already said. Therefore, I decided to reblog her post. I am not sure, but I think this is the first time that justice has been served so swiftly in Indian Judicial system. Maybe India is changing and maybe not, but in respect to this particular incident, I think justice has been served at least to an extent. I say, “to an extent” because the fifth monster is getting away because he is a “minor.” I try not to hate anything or anyone, but some acts are appalling no matter how much we try.
Hopefully, this judgement will come as an eye-opener to everyone who believes that they can violate a women and get away with it unscathed.

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