When blessings come in bundles…Part-1

I have been posting very infrequently recently. I am sorry because I should have given heads up. 😳 However, a lot of unforeseen things came up. If you were wondering what happened to me, let me first tell you I am fine and “D” is doing fine too. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Dusshara (an Indian festival). It is just that a lot of things happened so quickly that I could not keep up with writing. Plans were changing by minute, and so I did not know which one to write about. Now that I know what I am doing I can tell you what happened. I still have a lot going on but decided that I will make smaller posts and keep you entertained. 😆


To apply for medical residency in USA, I need US clinical experience and 2-4 letters of recommendation from doctors practicing in USA. Therefore, my mother started calling her med school friends who are now doctors in USA, almost a month back. They were all very happy to have me over to shadow them. Before we drift of the topic let me clarify one thing, I call my mom’s med school friends auntie/uncle though they are not my mother’s/ father’s siblings. It is just an Indian thing.

I was super excited because there is no where in the world, I would love to be than a hospital. The happiness I get when I can talk to patients and treat them cannot be compared to anything else. On top of that I grew up listening to stories about all my mom’s med school friends. Therefore, meeting them for me is nothing less than meeting a Hollywood star. Yes, they are all super stars for me because that is how my mom painted the picture.

A little back story here, I was the first baby among my mother’s friends. I was born when my mom was in her final year of med school so, I got a lot of attention/presents as a baby. 😀 Lucky me, the advantages of being the first born. They never saw me after they left India sometime in 80s. Added to that the aunties my mom talked to only have sons so, they were super excited to have me over.

The excitement did not last long because you know my mom should always be a damper. She was worried that I will not find time to study for the test if I am in the hospital all day long. Furthermore, because I have been having health issues (nothing major) recently, and I have been tired all day. When she called them, she did not expect them to have me over right away, but like I say blessings come in bundles.

I and my brother were able to persuade her, and arrived at a compromise. The deal was I can go shadow one auntie, let’s call her auntie S, and rest of them, I will be going after taking my test. Auntie S was chosen first because her place is just four hours drive from my brother’s place and not a lot of logistics to worry about. Moreover, I was only doing it for two weeks. Thank God, I can be in a hospital again. It almost feels like an eternity since I have been there.

The events that will happen after this are not very predictable stay tuned for more surprises good/bad. I don’t like to keep you wondering so, let me give you a spoiler Auntie S lives four hours from my brother’s place and also four hours from D’s place. In other words, her house is mid-way between my brother’s city and D’s city.

Comment down below if you think you know what happens next.


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  1. mahabore

     /  October 23, 2013

    I wouldn’t want to speculate on a real life event here. Will wait for the next post to figure out what you did next…

  1. When blessings come in bundles… Part-2 | Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (VK)

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