Being mindful…

One of my uncles (a family friend) recently gave me an article from the Mayo clinic’s health letter. The article is titled “Mindfulness”(read it here), and it is the exact opposite of mindlessness. 😉 It is a very interesting and very useful article. I have been reminding myself about the technique described in this article when I am feeling really low or hopeless. It helps very much though I need a lot more practice. (more…)


Vitamin D- Quick update on my previous post

This is just a quick update on “Do shades really matter?”

In the post, I wrote Indian girls/guys were told not to go out in the sun because the skin will become darker than it already is. The problem with this is, how are we going to get our vitamin D. In a country like in India where it feels likes summer all year long we assume we are getting enough vitamin D. That is not the case. Moreover, darker skin has more melanin, which protects us from UV damage but in doing so it decreases sunlight absorption leading to vitamin D deficiency. (more…)

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