Author: Ram Thilak

Some of the blogs I read have an immense effect on me. These authors make an impression on my heart, and they serve as an inspiration not only for my writing but also for me to grow and discover myself. I might not agree on everything they say, but they act as a catalyst to stir the process of critical thinking inside me.

I think it is not enough to have these blogs on my “blogs I follow” list. I think they need a special mention, and so I decided that I will make a series of posts called “more than just a blog.” I believe in spreading the good work. Some of these blogs might be here because they inspire me, induce critical thought, great writing style, honest accounts or many other reasons. I will give my reasons for including a particular blog on the respective posts. I know my blog is not an extremely popular place, and it is still very young. I have only 1500 views, but I feel passionate about spreading good work. Therefore, I want to do whatever I can to introduce these blogs to my readers. I think it is a win win because my readers will get to read good stuff, and the authors of the blog will get encouragement. (more…)

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