Story time: Cats and Squirrel

Today I decided to tell you a story. This is a popular bedtime story in the cat world. Every cat kid falls asleep only after their cat mom tells them this story. The story is called “Cats and Squirrel” and so the title.

Once upon a time not so long ago in a not so distant land called Outdoors, lived three cats. No one knew where they came from, where they lived and where they slept? The cats did not have their mom with them and had to find their own food. One day, they decided that they want to name each other, so they can be like all other cats. They choose the names Johnny, Mary, and Jack. They were happy with their brand-new  names and were living happily. One morning Johnny was chasing a squirrel. The squirrel climbed the tree, and Johnny was jumping to reach the squirrel. This caught the eye of Princess “R.” (more…)


Today is the day…

The time to reveal what I am so excited about is finally here. Okay, the reason is I am adding a new page to my blog, and just not any new page but a new page with buttons to grab. Yes, buttons for you to grab, and post on your blog. (Provided you like and believe in them of course). This new page means a lot to me for several reasons. (more…)

Cooking: Pancakes from Scratch

Its pancake recipe time. As I said before I prefer (love) cooking from scratch. If you are a sucker for appearance this is not for  you. My pancakes do not get even coloring like the ones in the restaurant. I blame that on not having a pancake griddle.  “D” loves them and I love that I have control on what is going in there. Without any further due lets start making them. (more…)

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