When blessings come in bundles… Part-2

The week before I leave to auntie S, my brother got very busy at work. Let’s say androids take on Siri was acting up. My brother likes android, and I like apple. Therefore, weeks ago when the new I phone 5S/C were released, he was making fun of apple. Now that Siri’s contemporary is acting up, I got a chance to avenge apple. The only problem was my brother has to work extra hard to fix it, and our road-trip plan to auntie S was hanging in the air. He thought we could probably make it by Sunday if not Saturday. (more…)


When blessings come in bundles…Part-1

I have been posting very infrequently recently. I am sorry because I should have given heads up. 😳 However, a lot of unforeseen things came up. If you were wondering what happened to me, let me first tell you I am fine and “D” is doing fine too. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Dusshara (an Indian festival). It is just that a lot of things happened so quickly that I could not keep up with writing. Plans were changing by minute, and so I did not know which one to write about. Now that I know what I am doing I can tell you what happened. I still have a lot going on but decided that I will make smaller posts and keep you entertained. 😆 (more…)

The first day at the new place…

Read this for a flash back : Then, we landed. So, how did it all go down? Defeating my biggest enemy ever.  The big move.

The next day was a Sunday, which is the day before Vinayaka Chavithi.  We decided to perform the Ganesh puja that evening as my brother has to work on Monday.

Vinayaka chavithi comes around August- September every year that is three months into an Indian school year. Kids place their new books in front of Ganeshji and pray to him to bless them with a fruitful school year. I happen to believe that Ganeshji is the reason why I did well on my education until now. The first year I came to USA, I continued with this tradition and performed Ganesh Puja but then for the last four years I have not been performing the puja for several reasons. (more…)

Then, we landed…

Then, we landed. I mean the flight. It was a short flight under 50 minutes. All I did was finish the complimentary coffee that the kind air hostess brought me. When I asked her for a decaf coffee she inquired “how many cream and sugar?” I said three cream and six sugars. To that she exclaimed and said, “ huh… so you want little coffee with your sugar.” Little does she know that it is my birth right to have little coffee with my sugar as an Indian. 😉 I reached my brother’s place even before “D” reached home, the efficiency of human innovation. 🙂 As I looked out of the window, the landscape below looked absolutely gorge. There were a lot of trees and at places, the land extended over the waters. I could see lot boats at the dock, looked like the scene from the TV show “Fairly legal.” The lead character in the show Kate Reed lives on a boat.

I got out of the plane and had to wait at the baggage claim. It worked out well because my brother was running late. I wonder what kind of brother runs late to pick up his sister? 😉 I gave him an ear full about it, need to show who the boss is? 😀 (more…)

Our First India Festival Experience

One month back “D” and I went to an event called “India festival” at our local temple. I wanted to blog about it since then but something or other came up. Finally today I sat down to write about it.

This is an important event for both of us because it is “D” experienced many first’s in context of India and Indian culture at this event.:) Until now, the only India “D” was knew was me, my brother, my brother’s girl friend and two of my friends. I know Indians, (my knowledge is limited to my relatives and friends so excuse me if I am wrong,) in US live within closed communities following Indian way of life. I was never one of them because of my initial bad experiences with the Indian community at our university. I stayed away from anything Indian.
Our lifestyle was always a mix of both the cultures but more inclined to American way of life, because let’s face it cooking spaghetti is fast and easy then cooking Biryani. Especially when your man loves spaghetti, it makes sense to give him what he wants. 😉 (more…)

So, how did it all go down?

Anyone would think that everything is going fine, after reading self-inspirational post “Defeating my biggest enemy ever” (find it here), and meeting my pastor (find it here). It was not. I became a zombie two days before my move. I stayed up all night playing my favorite game “Borderlands” on X-box 360 and watching a show at the same time. I could not/ did not want to sleep. As I said before I wanted to cancel my ticket and just stay home.

The day before my flight “D” offered to stay home from work as I looked pathetic. I said I will be fine, and I can manage, but he insisted. I realized that maybe I am not as strong as I want to be and so, he stayed home. We were supposed to go get groceries and make some food for “D,” but I was very tired and slept all day long. I wanted to make some food and freeze it so; D can have food for at least 15 days. This would give him time to get used to managing without me. (more…)

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