When blessings come in bundles… Part-2

The week before I leave to auntie S, my brother got very busy at work. Let’s say androids take on Siri was acting up. My brother likes android, and I like apple. Therefore, weeks ago when the new I phone 5S/C were released, he was making fun of apple. Now that Siri’s contemporary is acting up, I got a chance to avenge apple. The only problem was my brother has to work extra hard to fix it, and our road-trip plan to auntie S was hanging in the air. He thought we could probably make it by Sunday if not Saturday. (more…)


Emotions running Wild

This post is not related to the topics I usually blog about, but it is something I feel very deeply about. I have been heartbroken for two days. I do not want to make a lovey dovey post when that’s not how I feel at the moment. I write from my heart, and this is what is troubling my heart for two days. I wanted to protect my identity before so did not want to tell the name of the state I came from. Now, I think I owe it to my state, and so I am speaking out. (more…)

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