Our story: D’s dad’s role in getting us started

It was the first week of January 2011, 10 days after me and D first met at their family’s Christmas dinner. I was at the senior center doing my usual thing bus the tables and have fun with the seniors. We were almost done for the day, and D’s dad was still there. We started to have a casual conversation. I thanked him for making me feel welcomed into their home. He said it felt like I fit right in, and they had great time. I said I felt the same way. We continued talking about some random stuff that happened at the Christmas dinner. (more…)


The Beginning- Part 2

Now a little bit about my boyfriend. I cannot share a very a detailed background, but I will paint the picture for you. My boyfriend “D” was born in a small town in mid-western US of A into a Christian family, and yes, he is Caucasian. He is the youngest of 4 kids, (2 sisters and 1 brother,) and his parents were teachers. He grew up on a farm and had a very old school upbringing except he loves his video games and big screen TV’s.  As a kid he was a well behaved child, shy and awkward. (I think this is a blessing in disguise. Will explain in one of the next posts). He is the baby of the family, (even to this day,) but he is not a brat. lol. He was a child that every parent would die to have: obedient, never got into trouble, responsible, and was always on the honor roll. It was a very loving family, and it is till this day. Sadly, they lost their mom to cancer even before “D” graduated from high school. I think this had a very grave effect on “D” even to this day. Long story short, I believe that is why he wound up working in a factory despite him being so smart. (more…)

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