Who are you? Who do you want to be?

In the beginning of our relationship, I was seeing the pastor at our church at least once a week. That was because I was recovering from my jerky X’s backstabbing. One day, three months after I met “D”, I was at one of my scheduled appointments with the pastor. I do not remember why, but on that particular day, I was really happy about “D”. I told my pastor how I was feeling. I told him that “D” is the best, and he is so perfect. I told him he is the best man in the whole world and I went on and on about D’s awesomeness. After a while, I finally came out of  D’s magic and looked at the pastor’s face. He had an expression of disapproval. I said, “What’s wrong? You look like, you do not believe me. He is really a good man.” He said, “Okay just wait a minute.” He went to get a pen and paper and drew a graph as seen in the picture below. (I still have that paper. I made this official looking picture for your understanding): (more…)


Our Story: Snowman Date Part 2

We went out, and “D” showed me what to do. We were making these small round balls of snow that fit in the palm of our hand. Then place these balls on the ground and add some more snow to make it into decent size and then roll these balls on the snow. The rolling made these balls pick up more snow. The small snowballs soon became into these huge snow boulders. I was amazed at how these small balls, when rolled, collected all the snow on the ground and almost cleared the snow. I had no idea that this is how snow man is made. I was thinking we take a bucket and fill it with snow, then pile it at one spot and shape it.  (more…)

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