Media’s new golden Goose

Miley, Miley, Miley!!! I mean Miley Cyrus. Media has been obsessing about everything she does for a while. She is the media’s new golden goose. Everything she wears/does creates a controversy to the extent even our oldie goldie Rush Limbaugh (conservative radio talk show host) has something to say about it. Just so you know I love Rush; “D” got me addicted to him. In a way maybe it is good because Miley gave us a breather from obsessing about what heels Kim Kardashian is wearing? (more…)


Small things matter: Encouragement

When we were kids, our parents encourage us to achieve our goals. As we grow up and move away from our parents, we need someone to tell us that we still have it in us. That role is usually taken up by our better half. There is a slight difference between parents and better half. Parents could criticize and punish us if we did not do our job well. That is not the case with our (potential) spouse. We are equal partners and we are on the same team so, we need to understand that punishing or criticizing would be a disaster to our relationship. Subtle criticism wrapped in lovable words can work its magic, but we need to be very careful not to sound like we are disappointed with them. That is a very faint line and never cross it. (more…)

What do I stand for?

Before I write my next post, I want to clear few things first. I feel like maybe I was not clear enough in my previous post and misled my readers. I take total responsibility if I gave a wrong impression about what I stand for. I love “D” very much but my mom always comes first for me. “D” knows that, and he respects my sentiments. I am a strong believer of “mathru devobhava”- mother is God. My mom sacrificed a lot for me, more than anyone can ever imagine. I am who I am because of her. D loves me because of the person my mom molded me into. I cannot imagine even a single day of my life without my mom and D. I hope my readers understand this. (more…)

Small things matter: Co-operation

Thank God its D’s turn to do something for me. 😉 One of the important qualities that a couple must have is co-operation. We should understand that we both are equally responsible to keep this life train moving without a breakdown. One of the big problem women have with men (husbands, brothers, sons) is not doing their chores. They either postpone them or just don not care. Guys turn a deaf ear when asked for help with some of the chores around the house. I experienced this with my X and sometimes with my brother. They have their priorities like watching TV, playing games, sleeping or acting like couch potatoes. This kind of behavior really annoys me, and I am assuming a lot of women feel the same way. (more…)

Love or Hate with passion: Ducks every where

Welcome to Love or Hate with passion. This is a new series in which I review  some of the TV shows I watch. I have been thinking for sometime to do this but was not very sure if my readers would be receptive or not. Finally, I decided to take a chance and do it anyway. These are the shows that I love or hate with a passion  but still continue to watch them week after week. These shows make me want to write about them, and I cannot stop that urge. 🙂 I watch a lot of TV on the internet. I know, why pay for cable when you can find every episode on the internet? 😉 As I said in one my previous posts, I do not like to go out a lot except to enjoy nature. I spend most of my free time either watching TV or writing post’s for you. (more…)

Rakhi Sting-Part 1

NOTE:If you do not know what Rakhi actually is, you can find it in one of my previous posts here or on the Madh-Mama Blog. I think she did a good job on her post on Rakhi. Also, if you are one of those people who cannot take any criticism of the west, sorry but this post is not for you.

Rakhi was this week, and I missed my brother like crazy. I want to write about brother and sister relationships, and its importance in Indian society.  I wanted to write this post because I came across a post on Rakhi on one of the blogs I read. (more…)

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