Being mindful…

One of my uncles (a family friend) recently gave me an article from the Mayo clinic’s health letter. The article is titled “Mindfulness”(read it here), and it is the exact opposite of mindlessness. 😉 It is a very interesting and very useful article. I have been reminding myself about the technique described in this article when I am feeling really low or hopeless. It helps very much though I need a lot more practice. (more…)


Small things matter: me time

Today is the day to get myself into a zone of positive energy. I already made a post on what I am thankful for this week.  I thought one more post on small gestures would be perfect for more positive energy to flow in.

If you did not notice by now, our relationship is not 50:50 but 80:20. Yes, “D” does most of the heavy lifting in our relationship. I am just happy that he loves me four times more than I love him. There is a old saying which goes something like this: “always be in a relationship with someone who loves you and not with someone who you love.” (more…)

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