“Athidhi Devobhava”- Guest is God

We have been talking a lot over the last week about tourist experience in India and especially about the experience of foreign women. Indian culture is based on “mathru devo bhava, pitru devo bhava, acharya devo bhava and athidhi devo bhava”- mother, father, teacher and guest are all God. The order here is really important because mother comes before father and that is what we follow. Our country, even though is a patriarchal society, we have goddesses. We love our mothers, (females,) so much that we even associate the word mother with earth “Bhu-matha,” (Mother earth); India “Bharat matha,” (Mother India); cow “Go matha” (mother cow); and so many more. When I was studying in India, even the local government buses had signs like “respect women,” or “give your seat to women”. If India has something in abundance that should be love, acceptance, tolerance, and respect; not hate, harassment, intolerance, and disrespect. (more…)


Every coin has a flip side- Part 1

One of my favorite blogs I read on a daily basis is Alexandra’s (Madh-Mama). I actually start my day reading her post. She recently made a post called “Jai Ho or Bust”. You can find it here

I read the post and started to write a comment, but since the comment was long enough to be a post(s) I decided to make a post and refer my readers to her site for the background story. My only intention is to express my opinion. I understand you have right to your opinion based on your personal experiences. If your opinion differs from mine, I would respectfully agree to disagree.  If something I say comes across as rude, I am sorry that is not my intention. I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY MISTREATMENT ANY ONE OF YOU FACED IN MY COUNTRY (India).  I DON’T SUPPORT ANY BAD BEHAVIOR JUST BECAUSE THE PERSON IS FROM MY COUNTRY. (more…)

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