When blessings come in bundles…Part-1

I have been posting very infrequently recently. I am sorry because I should have given heads up. 😳 However, a lot of unforeseen things came up. If you were wondering what happened to me, let me first tell you I am fine and “D” is doing fine too. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Dusshara (an Indian festival). It is just that a lot of things happened so quickly that I could not keep up with writing. Plans were changing by minute, and so I did not know which one to write about. Now that I know what I am doing I can tell you what happened. I still have a lot going on but decided that I will make smaller posts and keep you entertained. 😆 (more…)


What do I stand for?

Before I write my next post, I want to clear few things first. I feel like maybe I was not clear enough in my previous post and misled my readers. I take total responsibility if I gave a wrong impression about what I stand for. I love “D” very much but my mom always comes first for me. “D” knows that, and he respects my sentiments. I am a strong believer of “mathru devobhava”- mother is God. My mom sacrificed a lot for me, more than anyone can ever imagine. I am who I am because of her. D loves me because of the person my mom molded me into. I cannot imagine even a single day of my life without my mom and D. I hope my readers understand this. (more…)

Thankful for: Baby steps

This week I am thankful my mom sent me a signed email saying she would talk to “D” after my next medical board exam provided I don’t bring up the topic until I take my test. I might take the test in the next 2-4 months, so until then, I am not supposed to bring up the topic. I am happy because this is the first time she agreed to do that in writing. I know it’s a baby step, but I will take whatever I get. (more…)

Why the Blessings corner?

I am an easy person to please. Small things in life mean a lot to me. My mother had to always tell me to keep my eyes on the big picture. She thinks anyone can manipulate me, as I would fall for the small things. My mom always tells me the story of Arjuna, the greater archer, in the Mahabharata. During target practice his teacher asked him what he sees. His answer was “the eye of the bird”. His fellow students gave the teacher a list of things they saw. But I think sometimes, to get to the big prize, we need a couple of energy boosts to keep us moving in the right direction. I think both my mom and I are partly right. It would be perfect if I and my mom could meet half way through. By that I mean the big picture is Important, but small things give us the strength to get us there. (more…)

Prologue to our story

I like to think that our story is quite unique, but then again I think every girl thinks her story is unique. I was living in the US for a couple of years before I met “D” even though we were living in the same small town. We did not meet in any of the usual ways like at school, club, work, or through mutual friends. The only reason we found each other is because of one of the biggest mistake I did in my life. This makes me believe that everything happens for a reason and everything works out for good at the end. (more…)

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