The first day at the new place…

Read this for a flash back : Then, we landed. So, how did it all go down? Defeating my biggest enemy ever.  The big move.

The next day was a Sunday, which is the day before Vinayaka Chavithi.  We decided to perform the Ganesh puja that evening as my brother has to work on Monday.

Vinayaka chavithi comes around August- September every year that is three months into an Indian school year. Kids place their new books in front of Ganeshji and pray to him to bless them with a fruitful school year. I happen to believe that Ganeshji is the reason why I did well on my education until now. The first year I came to USA, I continued with this tradition and performed Ganesh Puja but then for the last four years I have not been performing the puja for several reasons. (more…)


Rakhi Sting-Part 2

INDIA IS DEFINITELY A PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY NO DENYING (FOR ATHEIST AND FEMNIST): Why do we have to see that as women being powerless and men powerful? Women have been the boss of their arena, (the house,) for ages, and men do the outside job. Now, the modern Indian women are also the boss outside the house. I consider patriarchal society as division of labor. A business runs smoothly when every employee does his part. In the same way, a house runs smoothly when every member of the family does their part. This is true even in the Animal kingdom. For example, during the breeding time, females lay eggs and takes care of the newborns, and males go out in search of food, (most animals anyway). It is just a way of nature and no one is exempt from that. (It’s called biology.) (more…)

Rakhi Sting-Part 1

NOTE:If you do not know what Rakhi actually is, you can find it in one of my previous posts here or on the Madh-Mama Blog. I think she did a good job on her post on Rakhi. Also, if you are one of those people who cannot take any criticism of the west, sorry but this post is not for you.

Rakhi was this week, and I missed my brother like crazy. I want to write about brother and sister relationships, and its importance in Indian society.  I wanted to write this post because I came across a post on Rakhi on one of the blogs I read. (more…)

Thankful for: Delays

As I said in my previous post, I am planning to move to my brother’s place. He lives in a small apartment with a roommate. When I told my family I want to move, he decided to get a bigger place so I can have my personal space. He initially thought he could move to the new place in the first or second week of August. He was prepared to pay $500 for some fees if they let him move within a week. My parents were on board with this plan. I did not like the idea of spending all that money so we can get in 2 weeks early. My family was worried if they do not jump on it, I might change my mind. I told them I would not, but that did not help. I even threatened them that I will not go if they spend $500. That did not work either, and they continued with the idea. (more…)

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