Cooking: Pancakes from Scratch

Its pancake recipe time. As I said before I prefer (love) cooking from scratch. If you are a sucker for appearance this is not for  you. My pancakes do not get even coloring like the ones in the restaurant. I blame that on not having a pancake griddle.  “D” loves them and I love that I have control on what is going in there. Without any further due lets start making them. (more…)


Cooking: Sloppy Joes

I love cooking and it is therapeutic for me. I prefer cooking from scratch as much as possible. I used to be a better cook before than I am now. The reason is when “D” came into my life I had to adjust my cooking to American spice level.  “D” did not like most of the Indian food in the beginning. The result is my dishes turned to be something different from what I want them to taste like. It was frustrating at times, but slowly I mastered the twists. It also helps that D’s palette got acclimatized to Indian tastes. “D” loves Indian food now and eats most of the curries. He can even eat rice and curry the whole week and still crave for it. Now, that is called improvement. 🙂  I make American food too that we both like but there are some meats I still can’t eat. I cook him American (meats I do not eat) food when I make an Indian dish that I love and he is not warmed up to it yet. I usually cook three times a week.Twice a week I make American/ Indian dish we both like. Once a week I make our individual favorites. This works out perfect for us. (more…)

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