Then, we landed…

Then, we landed. I mean the flight. It was a short flight under 50 minutes. All I did was finish the complimentary coffee that the kind air hostess brought me. When I asked her for a decaf coffee she inquired “how many cream and sugar?” I said three cream and six sugars. To that she exclaimed and said, “ huh… so you want little coffee with your sugar.” Little does she know that it is my birth right to have little coffee with my sugar as an Indian. 😉 I reached my brother’s place even before “D” reached home, the efficiency of human innovation. 🙂 As I looked out of the window, the landscape below looked absolutely gorge. There were a lot of trees and at places, the land extended over the waters. I could see lot boats at the dock, looked like the scene from the TV show “Fairly legal.” The lead character in the show Kate Reed lives on a boat.

I got out of the plane and had to wait at the baggage claim. It worked out well because my brother was running late. I wonder what kind of brother runs late to pick up his sister? 😉 I gave him an ear full about it, need to show who the boss is? 😀 (more…)


So, how did it all go down?

Anyone would think that everything is going fine, after reading self-inspirational post “Defeating my biggest enemy ever” (find it here), and meeting my pastor (find it here). It was not. I became a zombie two days before my move. I stayed up all night playing my favorite game “Borderlands” on X-box 360 and watching a show at the same time. I could not/ did not want to sleep. As I said before I wanted to cancel my ticket and just stay home.

The day before my flight “D” offered to stay home from work as I looked pathetic. I said I will be fine, and I can manage, but he insisted. I realized that maybe I am not as strong as I want to be and so, he stayed home. We were supposed to go get groceries and make some food for “D,” but I was very tired and slept all day long. I wanted to make some food and freeze it so; D can have food for at least 15 days. This would give him time to get used to managing without me. (more…)

Defeating my biggest enemy ever….

I woke up this morning, and it dawned on me that I am moving. Tears rolled down my eyes and soon became a stream that would not stop. I have been very emotional for a while now, but my responses were blunted and brain numbed. I can feel a haze in my brain like almost it does not want to work anymore. I am walking into uncertainty but what other options do I have? I tried avoiding this situation for a couple of years now but to no avail. It would have been easier if I knew my parents are at least considering our relationship as a viable option. The truth is I really do not know that. (more…)

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