Our Story: Snowman Date Part 2

We went out, and “D” showed me what to do. We were making these small round balls of snow that fit in the palm of our hand. Then place these balls on the ground and add some more snow to make it into decent size and then roll these balls on the snow. The rolling made these balls pick up more snow. The small snowballs soon became into these huge snow boulders. I was amazed at how these small balls, when rolled, collected all the snow on the ground and almost cleared the snow. I had no idea that this is how snow man is made. I was thinking we take a bucket and fill it with snow, then pile it at one spot and shape it.  (more…)


Our Story :Snowman Date Part 1

I know I have been putting off the post on the snowman date for a while now. As I said before, I was out of the lovey-dovey zone and in the patriotic zone. 🙂 Today, I feel like getting back to it and telling you the rest of “our story”.  So here we go, as promised: Snowman date.

I always wonder if winter in the mid-west knows the days of the weeks. I say that because I have noticed a lot of times we have heavy snowfall starting on Friday or Saturday. The same happened on the weekend of the snowman date. It snowed heavily starting Thursday of the week. I thought maybe “D” will cancel it again, so I did not get my hopes up. I did not want to call him on Friday to check if we are still on because I am a girl and I am not supposed to call. 😉  I would rather wait, not knowing what we were going to do, than show him that I am looking forward to see him again. I want him to keep thinking that I am just doing this for him. 😉 (more…)

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