Today is the day…

The time to reveal what I am so excited about is finally here. Okay, the reason is I am adding a new page to my blog, and just not any new page but a new page with buttons to grab. Yes, buttons for you to grab, and post on your blog. (Provided you like and believe in them of course). This new page means a lot to me for several reasons. (more…)


Every coin has a flip side -Part 2


Everyone who visits/ lives in a foreign country faces discrimination. There are days when I get so annoyed at America. My masters cost me $40,000 (20,00,000RS). It doesn’t cost an American citizen that much. I had a very high score in TOEFL, (,university entrance test,) but I was never offered a scholarship because I am not a citizen. I was given an on campus job with hours that citizens would not work. It is illegal to work an off campus job, so I have to get all the money from India and $1=50RS. Now it is 60RS. (Talk about not being able to stretch the money). (more…)

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