Then, we landed…

Then, we landed. I mean the flight. It was a short flight under 50 minutes. All I did was finish the complimentary coffee that the kind air hostess brought me. When I asked her for a decaf coffee she inquired “how many cream and sugar?” I said three cream and six sugars. To that she exclaimed and said, “ huh… so you want little coffee with your sugar.” Little does she know that it is my birth right to have little coffee with my sugar as an Indian. 😉 I reached my brother’s place even before “D” reached home, the efficiency of human innovation. 🙂 As I looked out of the window, the landscape below looked absolutely gorge. There were a lot of trees and at places, the land extended over the waters. I could see lot boats at the dock, looked like the scene from the TV show “Fairly legal.” The lead character in the show Kate Reed lives on a boat.

I got out of the plane and had to wait at the baggage claim. It worked out well because my brother was running late. I wonder what kind of brother runs late to pick up his sister? 😉 I gave him an ear full about it, need to show who the boss is? 😀 (more…)


How I came to US of A?

I moved to US 4.5 years ago on a visa to do masters degree in environmental safety and health management, (kind of unrelated to medicine). The motivation to do master’s, to be frank, is to get a visa to enter US, and then take my medical licensing exams eventually. My parents, from their experience of trying to move to US and failing, thought that getting a visa is the hardest part. So, when I told them about the route, (masters,) a couple of seniors at my school are taking to go to US they thought it’s the best way. It seemed like a perfect plan. I could get the visa and get a masters degree while I am studying for my medical license exams. That was until I came here and realized that it’s really tough to do masters and study for my test at the same time. (more…)

The Beginning- Part 2

Now a little bit about my boyfriend. I cannot share a very a detailed background, but I will paint the picture for you. My boyfriend “D” was born in a small town in mid-western US of A into a Christian family, and yes, he is Caucasian. He is the youngest of 4 kids, (2 sisters and 1 brother,) and his parents were teachers. He grew up on a farm and had a very old school upbringing except he loves his video games and big screen TV’s.  As a kid he was a well behaved child, shy and awkward. (I think this is a blessing in disguise. Will explain in one of the next posts). He is the baby of the family, (even to this day,) but he is not a brat. lol. He was a child that every parent would die to have: obedient, never got into trouble, responsible, and was always on the honor roll. It was a very loving family, and it is till this day. Sadly, they lost their mom to cancer even before “D” graduated from high school. I think this had a very grave effect on “D” even to this day. Long story short, I believe that is why he wound up working in a factory despite him being so smart. (more…)

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