When blessings come in bundles…Part-1

I have been posting very infrequently recently. I am sorry because I should have given heads up. 😳 However, a lot of unforeseen things came up. If you were wondering what happened to me, let me first tell you I am fine and “D” is doing fine too. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with Dusshara (an Indian festival). It is just that a lot of things happened so quickly that I could not keep up with writing. Plans were changing by minute, and so I did not know which one to write about. Now that I know what I am doing I can tell you what happened. I still have a lot going on but decided that I will make smaller posts and keep you entertained. 😆 (more…)


The Beginning- Part 1

I always believe that reading a book from the first page is really the best way to do great on a test. The introductory chapters always help you to understand the “psyche” of the subject that we are going to study better than any other important chapter in the book. It’s the same when dealing with people. It’s important to know who they are, where they come from, what’s their background story, etc to understand their perspective. So in short, all I am saying is I will tell you my story from the beginning. That is where it all began. lol. So you might be thinking that’s a lot of build up to just say one sentence. Yep, that’s me for you: “queen of writing essays”.  (more…)

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