What do I stand for?

Before I write my next post, I want to clear few things first. I feel like maybe I was not clear enough in my previous post and misled my readers. I take total responsibility if I gave a wrong impression about what I stand for. I love “D” very much but my mom always comes first for me. “D” knows that, and he respects my sentiments. I am a strong believer of “mathru devobhava”- mother is God. My mom sacrificed a lot for me, more than anyone can ever imagine. I am who I am because of her. D loves me because of the person my mom molded me into. I cannot imagine even a single day of my life without my mom and D. I hope my readers understand this. (more…)


How I came to US of A?

I moved to US 4.5 years ago on a visa to do masters degree in environmental safety and health management, (kind of unrelated to medicine). The motivation to do master’s, to be frank, is to get a visa to enter US, and then take my medical licensing exams eventually. My parents, from their experience of trying to move to US and failing, thought that getting a visa is the hardest part. So, when I told them about the route, (masters,) a couple of seniors at my school are taking to go to US they thought it’s the best way. It seemed like a perfect plan. I could get the visa and get a masters degree while I am studying for my medical license exams. That was until I came here and realized that it’s really tough to do masters and study for my test at the same time. (more…)

The Beginning- Part 1

I always believe that reading a book from the first page is really the best way to do great on a test. The introductory chapters always help you to understand the “psyche” of the subject that we are going to study better than any other important chapter in the book. It’s the same when dealing with people. It’s important to know who they are, where they come from, what’s their background story, etc to understand their perspective. So in short, all I am saying is I will tell you my story from the beginning. That is where it all began. lol. So you might be thinking that’s a lot of build up to just say one sentence. Yep, that’s me for you: “queen of writing essays”.  (more…)

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